Holly Hudelson

Holly is a lifelong resident of Orange County and was first elected prosecutor in November 2018 becoming the first female prosecutor to serve in that capacity. Prior to becoming the elected Prosecutor, she served as Chief Deputy Prosecutor of Orange County since 2011. Holly earned her law degree from the University of Louisville and her undergraduate degree from Bellarmine University.

Jessica Bansbach

Jessica Bansbach is the Chief Deputy Prosecuting Attorney in Orange County. Prior to becoming Chief Deputy,  she served as a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney in Orange County. She was the sole proprietor at the Law Office of Jessica Bansbach in New Albany and also served as a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney in Floyd County, Indiana.  Jessica  graduated from the Indiana University School of Law in Indianapolis in 2010.  

Kelly Minton

Kelly Minton is the Deputy Prosecutor in Orange County.  His current duties include IV-D, juvenile, adult protective services work, and prosecuting criminal cases.  Prior to becoming the deputy Kelly served as the elected prosecutor in Orange County for 20 years.

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